About Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge University Press has been publishing dictionaries for learners of English since 1995. Cambridge Dictionaries Online began offering these dictionaries completely free of charge in 1999 — and today, Cambridge Dictionary is still growing.

Cambridge now publishes the majority of its new titles, and many older titles, in accessible ebook formats either for individual buyers or on platforms suitable for institutions. Where a work is unavailable in a suitable format, we welcome enquiries from both individuals and institutions to provide one. More information, and an accessibility request form, can be found on our rights and permissions pages. We aim to respond to requests within seven working days.

About Macmillan Dictionary

Macmillan Dictionary: the beginning
The award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary was first published in 2002 in both British English and American English. Crafted by teams of lexicographers in Great Britain and the United States, it had as its source a corpus, a database containing millions of examples of English as used around the world. Extensive analysis of this corpus of real spoken and written text, using state-of-the-art technology, allowed the dictionary writers to reveal fresh information about how and when words are used.

In 2007, the 2nd Edition of Macmillan English Dictionary was published with carefully researched content for learners of English around the world. An example of this content is the information provided in the so-called ‘Get it right!’ boxes.

About Oxford Dictionary

Oxford University Press advances knowledge and learning. From a child reading their first words to a researcher expanding the frontiers of their field, the possibilities are endless. Established in the earliest days of printing and throughout our 400-year history, we have always been home to the inquisitive, the passionate, and the ambitious. We welcome new ideas and fresh thinking, and offer the opportunity for individuals and teams to make their mark.

We have a clear mission which informs everything we do—to create the highest quality academic and educational resources and services and to make them available across the world. We share the University’s uncompromising standards, defining qualities, and belief in the transformative power of education and research to inspire progress and realize human potential

About Longman English dictionaries

Complete vocabulary and grammar resource
LDOCE Online offers you free access to a range of Longman monolingual and bilingual dictionaries that are specifically designed for learners and teachers of English, and for people who need to use English as a second language at work. Our dictionaries have integrated thesaurus, collocations and important grammar information.

Interactive vocabulary and grammar exercises help you learn synonyms, collocations and idioms, as well as grammar at intermediate and advanced levels.

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English – widely known as LDOCE – uses 2000 common words in the definitions to make understanding easy. The 9000 most important words to learn are highlighted with three red circles ●○○ and the most common meanings of a word are shown first. In addition, 88,000 example sentences are pronounced by British or American native speakers of English.

We hope you enjoy using LDOCE Online.

About Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is the world’s leading digital dictionary. We provide millions of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins. Dictionary.com’s main, proprietary source is the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, which is continually updated by our team of experienced lexicographers and supplemented with trusted, established sources including American Heritage and Harper Collins to support a range of language needs. Dictionary.com also offers a translation service, a Word of the Day, a crossword solver, and a wealth of editorial content that benefit the advanced word lover and the English language student alike.

Language is constantly evolving, and the editorial offerings from Dictionary.com shine a light on how language is being used. From pop culture to idioms and grammar advice, there’s always something new to learn from Dictionary.com.

As the premier thesaurus on the web Thesaurus.com provides users with over 550,000 synonyms and a suite of tools that simplify the writing process. Thesaurus.com’s proprietary relevance, complexity, and length filters, introduced in the first update to any thesaurus in over 160 years, help anyone quickly find the perfect word.