What is B2 First (FCE)?

The First Certificate in English exam, which is at the upper intermediate level, is equivalent to Common European Framework (CEF) level B2. It is a well-known exam that is approved by thousands of corporations and academic institutions around the world. FCE holder can efficiently:

  • Effectively articulate viewpoints and make arguments when speaking face-to-face.
  • Observe the news.
  • Express your thoughts and the benefits and drawbacks of various points of view in clear, thorough English.
    Create a variety of content, including letters, reports, stories, and more.

B2 First comes in two varieties

Course for adults:  B2 First is one of the Cambridge English Qualifications exams for general and higher education.

Course for Schools: It is intended for school-aged students which is one of the Cambridge English Qualifications for Schools exams.

Both B2 First and B2 First for Schools have the same exam structure (number of papers, amount of questions, time limit, etc.), encourage students in developing communication skills through real-world situations, and both result in the same certificate.

The tests cover a variety of topics and content

  • Whether a learner wants to enter higher education, launch a business, or advance their profession, B2 First is tailored to their interests and experiences as adult learners and is created to support them.
  • B2 First for schools is based on research on how young children acquire language abilities. The exam’s subjects and challenges are created to support what students learn in class.

 The FCE test structure 

like all the Cambridge English exams, both paper-based and computer-based exams are available. This exam is made up of four papers, Writing, Reading and use of English, Listening and Speaking. Two applicants and two examiners take the Speaking examination in person. As a result, your ability to speak in English is measured in a way that is more accurate and realistic.

It is structured as follows

Paper Content Purpose
Reading and Use of English 

(1 hour 15 minutes)


7 parts/52 questions Demonstrates your ability to handle several genres of material, including fiction, newspapers, and periodicals, with confidence. gives you exercises to do that will test how well you can regulate your grammar and vocabulary when using English.
(1 hour 20 minutes)
2 essays Requires that you be able to create two unique writings, such as essays, reports, reviews, and letters.
(about 40 minutes)
4 parts/30 questions Requires that you be able to listen to and follow a variety of spoken content, including news broadcasts, speeches, and normal conversations.
(14 minutes per pair of candidates)
4 parts Evaluates your ability to perform effective face-to-face communication. Together with one or two other applicants, you will take the Speaking test.

Reading and use of English in FCE exam

The B2 First Certificate Exam’s first section assesses a student’s knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension including 52 multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions.

  1. reading Part 1 sample – multiple choice cloze, test 2 each accurate response receives 1 mark
  2. Part 2 sample – open cloze, text with gapstest 2
  3. Reading Part 3 – word formation, test 2 each accurate response receives 1 mark
  4. Part 4 sample – key word transformationstest 2 two points for each correct answer
  5. Reading Part 5 – text with 6 multiple choice questionstest 2 two points for each correct response
  6. Part 6 sample – text with 6 sentences missingtest 2each correct answer receives 2 marks
  7. Reading Part 7 sample – multiple matching, 10 questionstest 2each accurate response receives 1 mark

Writing in Cambridge English First exam

The Cambridge First Certificate’s second section assesses writing skills. Two texts, each between 140 and 190 words long. The first question asks for an essay. You can choose from a variety of writing types for the second challenge, including an article, letter, review, etc. Examiners mark both writing sections out of 20.

Listening in FCE test

Listening comprehension is the third section of the B2 First Certificate. You hear brief monologues, conversations, or other natural English speech samples and respond to questions regarding what you heard. Each audio file is played twice. This section consists of a total of 30 questions which take about 40 minutes. The listening paper is worth 20% of your overall mark and each question scores 1 point.

Listening sample Part 1  – listen to 8 recordings, each with one question

Sample Part 2 – listen and complete gapped sentences

Listening sample Part 3 – multiple matching, 5 speakers

Sample Part 4 – a longer recording, with 7 multiple choice questions

Speaking in B2 First exam

The FCE’s last section assesses your ability to speak English. and Depending on the test center, and students take this part of the exam in pairs and may also have to take it on a separate day than the other three. The speaking and test is divided into four brief subsections, so the first two of which you speak on your own and the remaining two of which you speak with another applicant. Your proficiency, pronunciation, and use of a variety of relevant languages all go into your grade.  20% of overall FCE mark is down to speaking part.

Part 1: A discussion between each candidate and the examiner (spoken questions).

 sample questions with answers

Part 2: A “long turn” for each applicant individually, followed by a short reply from the second candidate (you are given a pair of photographs to talk about).

 sample photos with answers

Part 3: A two-way discussion where you must make up your mind about the given topic

sample mind-map with answers

Part 4: A conversation about issues covered in Part 3 (spoken questions).

 sample questions with answers.

what FCE result’s indicate?

The B2 First Certificate is a pass/fail test, and like all of the Cambridge English tests, and those who succeed receive a certificate that is valid for life. Both paper-based and computer-based exams are available for the FCE. In either case, it lasts approximately 4 hours. The results will be reported using the following scores.

scores between 140-159  —>  Level B1 

scores between 160-172  —>  Grade C in FCE exam  / B2 in CEFR

scores between 173-179  —>  Grade B  / B2 in CEFR

scores between 180-190  —> Grade A / C1 in CEFR

To gain more information about FCE exam scores (شماره یکpdf)and report card (شماره دو pdf) click here

The following provides a rough comparison of the various Cambridge exams on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR or CEF)  

باید به یکی از مقاله های خودمون یعنی COMMON EUROPEAN … لینک شود

FCE exam dates

Download exam dates for 2022 

Download exam dates for 2023

How much does it cost to take FCE test?

Test centers estimate their fees, You should budget around €240.






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